El hijo de



tremendous debut by Diego Janssen. One of the best albums of the year or even the decade in Uruguay. And in addition an outstanding illustration that even though they’re in the minority and outside the mainstream, the creative flame and musical talent is fired up by bands like this.”

Guilherme De Alencar Pinto, Brecha


“Beyond the impressive arsenal of sound, what stands out most is the chameleonic guitar of Janssen, a gigantic turbine that devours a mountain of genres, both electric and acoustic, to turn them into something completely different. The most creatively playful album made in 2016 in Uruguay.”

Agustín Acevedo Kanopa, La diaria


“El hijo de is a psychedelic trip dominated by acoustic instruments played with force and power. The few electric instruments used add acid-induced touches to the music and the combo creates tribal atmospheres, sometimes delicate (“Ancestro”) or strident (“Nirvanandombe”). As an album it straddles musical styles with passion and lucidity.”

Pedro Dalton, Buenos Muchachos


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